LINX 5900

The new continuous flow Linx 5900 printer is designed to meet every day needs of production in the areas of coding and printing. It provides low cost of use, ease of use and operation without problems.

Linx 5900 printer prints up to 3 rows of text, at a production speed up to 6.25m /s and can print on any packaging surface by using Linx’s wide range of inks.

It is made of stainless steel and with an IP55 index, it offers safe and clean operation in every kind of industrial environment.

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  • Simple menu for creating messages with message preview and message portability via a USB port.
  • 1,000 message memory with automatic time and date format.
  • Service every 6,000 hours of printing.
  • Possibility to monitor the printer through a smartphone or a laptop.
  • Printer checking through an Ethernet port.
  • Possibility to import a message through a barcode scanner.
  • The self-cleaning head and the automatic shutdown of the printer help to keep towards its smooth operation.
  • Automatic cleaning of the head and the hydraulic system every time that the printer stops.
  • The compact head does not require any kind of adjustment, thus minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive parts of the head.
  • The refilling of the ink or the solvent does not require stopping or opening the printer nor does it cause any delay in the production process.
  • The printer case helps to avoid any dust concentration and is easy to clean.
  • No external air is required.