LINX 7900

Linx 7900 is a latest generation printer and has as standard all those characteristics you may need in future applications.

Linx 7900 covers all potential needs of production process in the areas of printing and coding. The latest generation Linx 7900 printer can print 3 to 5 rows of text, graphics, logos, barcodes and the new DataMatrix code.

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Simple control of the printer
  • The Linx Insight software allows us to monitor the printer via a smartphone and we can also load messages and control the printer through a PC.
  • It has the QuickSwitch system to load codes through a barcode scanner.
  • Through the USB port, we can easily transfer messages among printers.
  • No external air is required.
Lower operating costs
  • Linx7900 has a sophisticated ink system which allows service up to every 9,000 hours.
  • Warranty of 18 months.
Reliable operation
  • Τhe FullFlush system automatically cleans and dries the printer’s hydraulic system after every shutdown of the printer.
  • The SureFill system prevents any mistakes during the refilling of the ink and solvent.
Additional characteristics
  • Ethernet port for easy connectivity of the printer.
  • RS232 port