Linx CJ400

Linx CJ400 printer is a new revolutionary printer, different from other inkjet printers. It’s simple to use, easy to maintain and the lightest on the market.

Linx CJ400 prints up to three rows of text at speeds up to 2.65m/sec and can print on any packaging surface using the wide range of Linx inks.

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  • Due to the revolutionary Easi-Change Service Module no visit of technician is required, and you can do the service by yourselves, thus saving time and money.
  • The compact head does not require any kind of adjustment, thus minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive parts of the head. Minimal cleaning is required.
  • The ergonomic design of the printer and its light weight – only 13 kg – make the printer the only portable printer, thus saving time and cost of extra equipment. Moreover, it has four different memories to save the settings of each production line.
  • It can print characters from 2 to 20mm high even on carton.
  • The printer has a color touch screen and a large memory of one thousand messages, which can be saved via a USB port.