Thermal Ink Jet Linx TJ725

The new Ink Jet high resolution Linx TJ725 printer is the ideal solution for the replacement of old printing methods such as stamps, low resolution valve printers or old inkjet printers. It prints on cartons, paper packaging, plastic packaging, sleeve films

Linx TJ725 has the patented Active Cartidge Care system for the constant protection of the ink cartridge. In this way, the removal of the ink cartridge is not required after the end of production.

The ink cartridge includes the printhead and ink tank. In this way there are no ink leaks or the need to refill the tank since the ink cartridge is easily replaced when empty. No maintenance is required.

The printer has a color touchscreen through which we can create a new message or select from the memory the message to be printed.

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  • Built-in sensors to automatically measure the speed of the product.
  • Printing at a speed of 60m/min at a resolution of 300dpi.
  • Automatic fields of date-shift-time.
  • Barcode & DataMatrix 2D printing.
  • Printing height: 12,7mm.
  • Maximum message width: 500mm.
  • Printing on the side or top of the product.
  • Wide variety of inks for porous, semi porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • USB port for message import or saving.
  • Ambient conditions: 5-45o C, relative humidity up to 90%.
  • No external air is required.