Linx TT5 Thermal Printers

If you print on flexible packaging such as film or labels, then Linx TT5 thermal printer will help you print high resolution texts, graphics and barcodes while minimizing delays at the same and increasing productivity and reliability of your production.

Linx TT5 printer has a maximum print height of 55mm and is ideal for printing expiration dates, batch numbers, and small graphics.

They have a wide use, and can be used in applications such as packing of undifferentiated products, printing labels of the National Organization for Medicines in the pharmaceutical industry et al.

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Minimizing delays

Linx TT5 printer uses steering motor instead of gears to control the tension and save the ribbon, minimizing the risk of frequent stops of the ribbon.
The ribbon cases are designed in such a way so that changing the ribbon be a quick and simple process.
Linx TT5 can take a ribbon of 1200m long, resulting in rarer changes of the ribbon.

Low cost of use

Bi-directional steering motors that unwind and rewrap the ribbon leave very little space (just 0.5mm) between two prints, which increases the printer’s economic performance (ribbon saver).
The use of the ribbon is reliable and there is no message reprinting incidents.

Easy to use

The easy-to-use color touch screen results in fewer operation mistakes.
The printer communication interface allows the user to preview the message before the beginning of the printing process.
Three operation levels and password protection for extra protection.
The full self-diagnosis package helps the operator solve simple printer problems by themselves.

Easily adaptable

Linx TT5 printer is designed in such a way so as to easily change from continuous to intermittent printing operation.
Linx TT5 is designed in such a way so as to be placed on previous printer bases without intervening in extensive conversions of the packaging machine.