Heads for Printing and Affixation of Self-adhesive labels

EME 3000 SERIES type label affixation head for maximum productivity 150 pieces / min, stainless steel and aluminum construction.


  • Stepper steering motor.
  • + 1mm labeling precision.
  • Label width from 25 up to 15mm.
  • Label length from 15 up to 250mm.
  • Label roll diameter up to 270mm.

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  • Product linear velocity up to 30m / min.
  • Label detection photocell.
  • Product detection photocell with mirror.
  • Adjustable base with a screw for micrometric setting of the head along the x and z axes

Built-in Controller

  • Control panel with soft touch switches.
  • Micrometrical speed setting possibility.
  • Delay setting possibility in label affixation.
  • Illuminated screen.
  • Empty roll notification (optional).
  • Possibility to receive a pulse generator (optional).
  • Memory of 45 different label formats (standard).
  • Keypad lock.
  • Detachable control lever possibility.

SATO printing head, thermal transfer technology

The thermal printer can print in an area of 104mm (W)x1249mm(L) with a speed up to 150 mm / sec.
Depending on the ribbon used, the printer can print colors such as black, blue, orange, red.
There is no possibility of printing multiple colors but just one of the aforementioned colors, depending on what color ribbon is ‘loaded’ on the printer.
The print resolution is 200dpi which offers very good quality and clarity whether it’s text, graphics or bar code.
The touch screen operation simplifies the operation of the printer.