Semi Automatic Stretch Film Machine Pw 1000

Easy to use

The control panel of the machine is simple in operation and suitably designed so that it can receive future additional operations.


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The closed-type column, the safety stop in the film storage, as well as the safety switch on the base, with the pushing of which the power supply is interrupted, make PW – 1000 a particularly safe machine.

Fast film supply

The film roll of 16 kg weight is easily and fast replaced.


  • Smooth starting of platform rotation. This is an important advantage for pallets with light and fragile loads.
  • Saving in the machine memory of the data with the last settings for the platform rotation and the speed of the film truck.
  • Three wrapping programs. Single wrapping – double wrapping and rain wrapping which offers protection from rain and moisture (a roof film placement is required).
  • Automatic setting of the height of the pallet. A photocell determines the height of the pallet.
  • Adjustable number of wrappings in the top and bottom of the pallet. Possibility of choosing from 1 to 9 wrappings.
  • Independent platform rotation and film truck speed setting (upwards-downwards) during the operation of the machine. This allows us to set the film coating on the pallet at that time.
Technical Specifications [pdf]