Linx 8900

The new continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) Linx 8900 brings new levels of simplicity and reliability, increasing your efficiency without interruptions in your production line.

Thanks to Linx’s reliability, this encoder will work continuously in the production environment, reducing production line delays. Also, real-time reports of the production rate help you improve overall production line performance.

Linx 8900 prints up to 3 lines of text at production speeds up to 3.65 m/s (1 line) and can print on any surface using Linx’s wide range of inks.

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Made of stainless steel and rated IP55, it offers safe and clean operation in all types of industrial environments. It has a large and easy-to-use 10-inch touchscreen display.


  • Simple cartridge refills in one go – no mistakes, no problems, no tools.
  • Quick and accurate message setup thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen.
  • Linx’s top print head is fully sealed for continuous and reliable operation – cleaning is usually required only once every three months. Fast and clean launch every time with the Autoflush function.
  • High-resolution large touchscreen with icons and the ability to control production at a glance.
  • Save multiple line settings for greater flexibility.
  • Self-service mode with on-screen assistance that guides the operator through the maintenance process. Maintenance is completed in about 30 minutes without the presence of a technician. With service intervals of up to 18 months (13,000 hours).
  • Automatic fluid level control and ink refill warnings eight hours before they are finished – fewer interruptions and less need to monitor the printer.
  • Seasonal shutdown mode – the printer is ready to print for the first time, even after an extended period of downtime, without the need for costly flushing of the printer.
  • Accurate and real-time performance measurement on the screen e.g. batch counts and productivity calculations per hour with indications of reaching targets.
  • Screening of the production rate and production line breaks on the display with performance logs – simple USB transfer for reporting and analysis.
  • Customizable logs provide the exact reasons for any delays – get to know and improve your production line performance.