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Our company guarantees the excellent operation
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Industrial product printing and coding, cartoners for product packaging, carton sealers, glue spraying machines, pallet wrappers, and handling systems.

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Print / Apply

Print / apply labelling machines for all industrial sectors. Complete labeling systems of one, two or more heads for printing and applying labels on products.

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Innovative technology inspectors of foreign particles such as metal, stone, glass, bone, plastic, for packaged products in solid, liquid form or dust with the possibility of weight control, completeness and uniformity.

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Machines for product packaging, product sorters and feeders. Carton handling systems, gravity or motion roller conveyors. Conveyor belts.

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Technolinks Packaging

Our company specializes in the field of industrial equipment, print/apply labelling machines, product inspection and management and represents exclusively in the Greek market, the following brands:

Linx Printing Technologies

Small and large character industrial inkjet printers, laser printers, thermal transfer printers and high resolution carton printers.

Loma Systems

Product quality control, metal detectors, checkweighers, X-Ray inspectors.

Weber Marking Systems

Print-Apply systems for self-adhesive labels, high-performance industrial high-resolution printers for any coding demand in porous surfaces.

Kortho Coding and Marking

Inkjet and Thermal printers, industrial equipment for coding and marking products and packaging.

Soco Systems

Cartons management, carton sealers and erectors, handling systems, pallet wrappers, robot palletizers and pallet loaders.

Turbovac Vacuum Packaging

Product packaging machines in vacuum or modified atmosphere, thermoforming machines and tray sealer machines.

Eme Labeling Systems

Label dispensers of self-adhesive labels for a wide variety of products and cartons.

Preo Glue Application Systems

Hot and cold glue application systems, spraying / spreading pistols, glue detection system.

Yamaha Scara Robots

YAMAHA’s many years of experience in manufacturIng SCARA type robots makes it one of the most competitive companies in the field.


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Why choose us

20+ years on the market, 1000+ satisfied customers, high quality standards, modern equipment.

Technical Support

Fully equipped technical department staffed by qualified engineers provides direct and responsible service to any customer need.

Know-How & Expertise

Our specialized staff is able to study, implement and support any project falls within the area of its activity.

Guaranteed Quality

Our company guarantees the excellent operation and quality of the products it manufactures and supplies.
Κατασκευές και ανακατασκευές μηχανήματων συσκευασίας, ανιχνευτών μετάλλων

Constructions and reconstructions of packaging machines, metal detectors, etc.

Our company operates in the field of industrial equipment construction with specialized experienced staff consisting of mechanical engineers, electricians, electronic engineers, automatization engineers undertaking the entire study, design and implementation of each project.

Collaborating partners

International companies that we represent exclusively in the Greek market


Indicative products of companies that we exclusively represent in the Greek market

LINX 8900 Printer

The Linx 8900 (CIJ) continuous inkjet printer brings new levels of simplicity and reliability, increasing your efficiency without interruptions in your production line.
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