IQ4 Metal Detector Head

The IQ4 conveyor systems offer the latest 7” color touchscreen with the engaging new user interface are designed to make light work of setting, running and maintaining the IQ4 range, minimizing user errors.

Product highlights

Auto-Learn feature rapidly delivers great detection sensitivities out of the box and provides more line uptime than ever before.

  • Variable-frequency technology (31 to 882 kHz) provides best detection performance for even difficult to handle metallized-film packaging.
  • Simplified running interface provides instant machine status.
  • Multiple product memories for rapid product change over and data storage.
  • Graphical vector display helps delivers perfect production setups and advanced detection diagnostics.
  • Password protected user accounts provides secure access to functions critical to each level (Operator, Supervisor, Quality and Engineer).
  • Full range of aperture widths and heights to suit products being scanned.

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7” Touchscreen with a new easy to use interface

Standard across all of the IQ4 range, the big 7” touchscreen is 33% larger than previous generation metal detectors and so offers easier usability.

Robust “Beyond” IP69K rating

An improved lip, screen, and new blue sealing arrangement, combined with ultra-harsh mechanics proven from the IQ3+ range, make this one of the toughest and factory friendly metal detectors on the market.